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An Integrated Maker of Measuring Instruments
UYIGAO Technology Co. Ltd is specialized in the development, design, production and sale of various measuring instruments. We always adhere to the targeting of instrument and meter industry elites in China and abroad, so our products have their own characteristics.
We are committed to optimal instrument high-tech brand promotion in China and abroad. Our product range includes infrared thermometers, illuminance meters, digital multimeters and AC/DC clamp tables. Our products have been enjoying a high quality reputation since our company's establishment.
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4007 056 288
Emai: peng@uyigao.net

Products List
Large space air purifierUA11

Large space air purifierU...

UA2008E Digital Dual Type Clamp Meters

UA2008E Digital Dual Type...

UA4S Dew Point Recorder

UA4S Dew Point Recorder

UA6412+Earth Resistance Clamp Meter

UA6412+Earth Resistance C...

UA60D+Professional Insulation Resistance Tester

UA60D+Professional Insula...

UA2008B Digital Dual Type Clamp Meters

UA2008B Digital Dual Type...

UA2008A Digital Dual Type Clamp Meters

UA2008A Digital Dual Type...

UA3268D DC/AC  Digital Clamp Meters(with backlight and temperature )

UA3268D DC/AC Digital Cl...

UA550 Infrared Thermormeter(-32℃--550℃)

UA550 Infrared Thermormet...

UA1350  High Temperature Infrared Thermometer

UA1350 High Temperature ...

UA1750 High-Temperature Infrared Thermometer

UA1750 High-Temperature I...

UA2200  High Temperature Infrared Thermometer

UA2200 High Temperature ...

UA6050B+Digital AC DC Clamp Meters (2000A)

UA6050B+Digital AC DC Cla...

UA3268C Small  Digital Clamp Meters with Backlight and Temperature

UA3268C Small Digital Cl...

UA3268B Small Digital Clamp Meters with Temperature and Capacitance

UA3268B Small Digital Cla...

UA1010B Digital Illumination Meter

UA1010B Digital Illuminat...

UA-902C+ Professional Digital Thermometers

UA-902C+ Professional Dig...

UA9802A+31/2High-Performance Professional Digital Multimeters


UA890C+ 31/2 Professional High-precision Digital Multimeters

UA890C+ 31/2 Professional...

UA7105+ Professional Digital Multimeters with Alarm Function

UA7105+ Professional Digi...